EDGE – Microsofts new browser is ready

Microsoft has spent a lot of time last year giving its Edge software a browser brain transplant, and now the company is convinced it is smart enough to help everyone who uses it. Microsoft stripped the beta tag from the browser on Wednesday, and now you can download it from Microsoft’s Edge site.

The software giant could not maintain the browser compatible with sufficient sites, however, and clients started dumping it.

The newest version of Edge marks a fundamental shift in the browser: a change to Chromium, Google’s open-source foundation for the Chrome browser. Using Chromium resolves those compatibility issues. The new version of the browser has a different emblem; a round crashing wave tinted blue, green and aqua that is reminiscent of the old blue IE icon.

It had an engineering system which was fast enough to pull in Chromium applications to react to security issues.

If you need a taste of these changes, you can try Microsoft’s test versions of Edge, Beta, Dev, and Canary.