Cybertruck by Tesla could be engineering genius

Munro is the man when it comes to lean manufacturing and engineering and has an extensive history in finding a way to cut costs when it comes to building just about anything.

Munro looked at the Cybertruck in terms of 50,000 units each year, and compared that to a conventional pickup truck like the F-150, also at 50,000 units each year. Tesla’s secret sauce is that it seems the truck’s exoskeleton also acts as its body panels. So, all of the rigidity and strength of the pickup comes from the frame, so it needs merely assembly and welding. The fact there is no painting involved, just plain stainless steel, is also a huge cost-saver.

Munroe believes the capital expenditure would be approximately $30 million to create a pickup truck. That is an incredible figure. An F-150 in 50,000 units annually is more like $210 million.

However, for a company like Tesla, this sort of scenario makes a good deal of sense.