Steam is coming to Chromebook – so says Google

Chromebook fans have managed to get excited ever since Google Stadia launched in November, but a new report from Android Police asserts that more could be on the way. According to an interview with Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Chrome OS, Google is working toward bringing Steam support to Chromebooks.

Granted, this is Google we’re talking about, so it is not that surprising that they are working on significant add ons that might or might not get released. It is unclear whether Google is working in direct conjunction with Valve or if Steam service would launch as an official feature. Still, Liu proposed Google is definitely serious about the job.

As Android Police reports, service would be empowered by tapping into Chrome OS’s Linux compatibility, not as how the Steam Linux customer can theoretically operate on Chromebooks with the Crostini Linux compatibility layer. But as players will attest, technically possible hardly means it is a viable solution for real gaming.

However, Chromebook fans surely have a reason to be excited about the future. While Google’s roadmap has not exactly been smooth, with tablet fizzling out and Android programs struggling to catch on, it is refreshing to find that Google has not given up on Chromebooks being over low-end disposable devices.