Top two criteria when buying new notebook

Traditionally, picking a notebook has been about compromise. You either picked a fast machine which was bulky, noisy and had lousy battery life, a super-svelte ultraportable that seemed tremendous but fought to open large Excel files or discovered a middling all-rounder that excelled at nothing to exude disappointment. Recent years have seen the situation improve, with some terrific all-round, highly-portable gaming machines hitting the marketplace.

How its built

It is all very well looking great, but if a notebook falls apart on your travels then it is hardly more than a mobile paperweight. The aluminum chassis of the Prestige 15 is tough enough for the most demanding road warrior: something that the military grade MIL-STD-810G specification illustrates to. It will withstand vibrations, drops and extreme temperatures.

Battery Life

Everybody loves the concept of a powerful notebook, but that power comes with compromises, particularly when it comes to battery life. The battery at the MSI Prestige lasts 10 hours, that’s more than many working days. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, lifted from Microsoft’s business-grade Azure, means the more you use the notebook the more it learns efficiencies like turning off parts and background services when they are not needed to conserve power.